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Image by Duncan Meyer

Gettin 'Started

Do you want to start but you just don't know how?

Let me help you. Off to a start.


This package allows us to start organizing towards a clear and beautiful space. 

After our date, you can continue the work further on your own. 


€ 210,-

Image by Luke Jones

Shake it Off

You are done! It's time to say goodbye, time for  new beginnings! Difficult? Sure, but don't worry 'cause together we're going to shake that tree.

By means of a Campaign Plan and a number of Organizing Dates I will help you to efficiently put your house back in order and to keep it neat and tidy. You do the job, I'm just helping. This is something you can be proud of!


€ 780,-

Image by Nadin Mario


You changed course and want to regain control over your home, life and mind. For you, your partner or even family.


We will work thoroughly; Campaign Plan, various Organizing Dates, interim coaching appointments and evaluations afterwards. In addition, you have access to a range of storage materials, which make everything even more tidy.

This, this is life changing. You get peace and space back.  


€ 1.440,-


Image by Brooke Lark

Subscribe to the Vibe

We have already made a great start with cleaning up and organizing your home, but keeping it up to date is just not one of your strongest points.

Good, because that's one of mine!

By taking out a one-year subscription, I'll help you keep your home tidy and organized. Just as long and as often as you need it. Or even better; until you have this under control yourself.


€ 360,-*


* Only possible if one of the Standard Packages has been purchased.


Especially for you

Can't find anything here that appeals to you or that doesn't meet your requirements?

Don't worry, I'll be happy to make a package just for you. Let's meet and tell me what you need. After our conversation, I'll come back to you with a specially composed option that you won't be able to say "no" to. This is of course a non-binding offer.

65,- p.h.

* Above the 10 hours the package hourly rate of  € 60,- is used.

I help organize spaces in an efficient way, simplifying my clients everyday life.


Making it a lot more fun too!



Image by Kari Shea


With this package we are going to turn a kids room into a teenagers room. Not only tidying up and organizing, but we're looking ahead. In the long term, because that room has to last a lot longer.

I discuss the wishes with my young client and we discuss the possibilities with the parents. Then we will work together to transform the kiddie room into an up-to-date teen room.


€ 300,-



Moving is stressful enough as it is, but then you finally move and there you are with all those moving boxes. They stare at you ...

Instead of staring back at them, we are going to unpack all the boxes together and make sure that those uninviting, boring boxes are gone. Adios!


Roll up your sleeves. Let's do this!


€ 660,-

Image by Sarah Kilian

Oops ... I did it Again

You were doing so well, but there was a moment of anarchy.

No problem, we will this tackle together again and before you know it everything will be neat and tidy again!




€ 180,-*

*Only possible if one of the Standard Packages has been purchased.

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