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I was born in Cúcuta, Colombia in a household with many women. All very tightly organized in education, keeping the household in order, administration, gardening and sewing clothes.


I was spoon-fed this from an early age. After a short period in the US and then back in Colombia, my mother met a Dutchman.


Together we left for the Netherlands when I was six, Amstelveen to be specific. I grew up here and before I knew it, I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communication at InHolland University of Applied Sciences at the age of twentytwo.


For the next 18 years I worked and lived in the Netherlands and abroad. I worked in the Communications, Events and Marketing sectors for companies such as TomTom, Swatch, Swarovski and Huawei. I gained a lot of experience, both professionally and personally.


Yet, after several employers and projects, I lost my passion and job satisfaction. Time for a year of self-development. In that year I realized that my professional strength lies in organization and in particular project management.

Even more so on a smaller and more personal scale: organizing moves, bringing order and structure to a home. After each move, I successfully created a home again, where everything had its own place.

After helping friends organize their kitchens, they said to me, “Why don't you start your own Organizing business? You're really talented.” I thought about this carefully, did research, and helped trial customers. An epiphany followed: "YES! This it!"


This is how I started Kamer20, my own Professional Organizing company, in 2020. A profession where I can use my cultural heritage in combination with my experience, organizational and personal skills with great passion!


About Kathy Ruiz.


What can I do for you?

  • Organize and structure your home

  • Prepare your home for renovation or sale 

  • Organize and manage relocation

  • Get your (digital) administration or archive in order

  • Manage the evacuation of a home

Or are you at a loss for business yourself? Let me know.


Let's get acquainted and schedule a non-obligatory consultation.


KAMER 20 Pretty Organized


For overview & structure

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Amsterdam and surrounding areass

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